WPMU Site-wide Breadcrumbs

Kudos to Dimox for a great non-plugin WordPress function for creating breadcrumbs.

For someone like me though, who is implementing a WordPress Mu site using “blogs” as content sections instead of the traditional community of blogs, I’d like to be able to have breadcrumbs that go more like this-

Home (root uri) » Blog Home (blog uri) » normal breadcrumbs

To accomplish this, I just made a few modifications to Dimox’s code and with the power of WordPress, Shazam!, it was done.

Here’s the chunk of code I added/modified (note, this code goes in your themes’ functions.php file):

// change the value of $home to your site's root URI (first level in the breadcrumbs)
$home = 'http://foo.com/';

// add two new variables for your blog info (second level in the breadcrumbs)

$blogURI = get_bloginfo('url');
$blogName = get_bloginfo('name');

// directly above the first line of code below in the original source, add the second row that references the new vars you've created  (for good measure I also nofollowed the home URI)

echo '<a href="' . $home . '" rel="nofollow">' . $name . '</a> ' . $delimiter . ' ';
/* if blog is home blog, don't display the blog name */
if ($blog_id != 1) {	echo '<a href="' . $blogURI . '">' . $blogName . '</a> ' . $delimiter . ' '; }

And that’s it, now just do everything else as Dimox suggests on his site.


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