The marketing and optimization of websites, social media profiles and other online and mobile products has and is rapidly expanding into a specialized Internet marketing niche.

We offer the following services to our clients (click the § for the executive summary):

Site Audits

At SEOserpent, we do not rely on automated software or some other “SEO Tool” to conduct our audits. We feel the best audit of a website is conducted by an experienced, intelligent and savvy search consultant. Over-reliance on tools and automated software can lead to the overlooking of vital data and/or incorrect conclusions.

Our SEO website audits feature a hands-on approach with an actionable audit report delivered to our client with a thorough action plan of recommendations, priorities and examples of any issues found on the client’s website.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization is a complex mix of research, competitive analysis and on page reorganization and enhancement. It is not a skill easy to master and advanced search optimization professionals are high in demand in today’s profit industries.

Our search analysts have had advanced training and maintain a hefty reading schedule to stay on top of the latest discoveries, research and trends in search marketing.

Link Building

Links between websites are one of several factors driving trust with Google and the other search engines. Manually building links is also time consuming and tedious but an integral part of your SEO strategy.

Our team has the experience you need to research, find and secure highly trusted and valuable links to your website.

Online Reputation Management

“You did what? It was reported where? Ouch.” We can help with that. Or perhaps you want to manage your public perception over time?

As more companies, politicians, celebrities and other individuals increase their online exposure, the potential need for managing their reputation online becomes a reality.

SEO Training

If you already have a competent web and marketing team and you are looking to enhance their understanding of search engine optimization and marketing, our staff trainer is available to travel to your business location.

We are flexible to match your schedule and can make the complex field of search engines understandable and entertaining for your team.