Effective use of social media for a business

coinsBusinesses often ask us how to effectively use social media to promote themselves.  So much depends on the business but I want to illustrate one effective use that came to my attention today.

Yesterday, a Twitter friend asked if anyone knew where to get mass-produced souvenir key chains he could brand with his logo that had a 24-hour turnaround time.  A quick Google search later and I had found a company who offered such a service so I sent him a message on Twitter with the companies URL.

Today, while in the midst of many other things, I received a reply message from who else?  The company I had recommended.

Twitter reply from @try4imprint

They obviously monitor Twitter for mentions of their url, brand and direct messages about them and respond as appropriate. Their response to me was a surprise, but it made an impression and I’m sure I’ll remember them in the future if I need swag to advertise an awesome new website (or other business venture).

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