Official Cool Guy of the Day award

Cool Guy of the DaySo I have been honored with the distinction of "Cool Guy of the Day" from the ever-so-friendly and über-cool Brandy Eddings and cohorts. What do you need to win this award?  My suggestion: an unusually strong grasp of obscure modern, 80s and 90s trivia and info.  Knowing who this guy is helps too. Also, special thanks and props to Zule and the Keymaster (split personality is rampant in Dallas lately) for their vote as well.

I can has!

Here's entry #1 for the Scary SEO contest-

Martin Bowling can has!

Here's entry #2 for the Scary SEO contest (click image for bigger version)-

Inspiration for #1 came from LOLcatz of course and #2 from here and here .

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